Royal Brews Beard kit

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The Royal Brews Beard Kit Comes with our Beard Wash, Beard Oil and the Beard Budah

How to use the Royal Brews Beard Kit

Step 1: (Royal Brew Beard Wash) First Moisturize your beard with luke warm water ,add a good amount to your beard depending on your beard size you may need more, rub into beard and till it lathers up, massage with finger tips, Then rinse out , pat dry with cotton towel,

Step 2: (Royal Brews Beard Oil ) Add some Beard Oil to plam or spray into beard use Oil droppers if you have, apply to your damp beard and massage into beard with finger tips, use throughout the day if needed.

Step 3: (Royal Brews Beard Budah) Once you have completed the first two Steps apply a quarter size amount to plam then rub together and then massage into beard, at this point you can style your beard with a comb or brush (preferbly a wood comb) Note: I woundnt use a Boars Hair(Pig,Swine) or a Synthetic (Man Made Brush)

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