About HebrewConnect
HebrewConnect.com is a Social Networking Platform where users can share posts, photos, videos, news and stories related to their Hebrew Israelite experience and culture. HebrewConnect.com is your number one online multimedia sharing platform for Messianic Hebrew Israelite content! A platform owned and operated by Hebrews, for Hebrews! May this platform be used to awaken the entire house of Israel and be a light unto the Nations!

Welcome to HebrewConnect.com!

Welcome to HebrewConnect.com, an online extension of Biblical Hebrew Awakening ministry and Hebrew Connect Media. This is a platform for Hebrews and by Hebrews to discuss the issues that affect our nation, community, and family... without the influence and interference of the other nations.

​This website was birthed as a result of seeing the social media censorship and trolling Biblical Hebrews were experiencing online. Our goal here at HebrewConnect.com is to provide a safe, stable and consistent platform for Messianic Hebrew Assemblies and Hebrew Israelites to connect with one another to share thoughts, ideas, and information pertinent to the Awakening & Gathering of the 12 tribes of Biblical Israel scattered worldwide.

As the online extension of Biblical Hebrew Awakening Ministries, you will see content, blog posts and video direct from our ministry. You will also see content from some of your other favorite Messianic Hebrew Israelite Ministries. While this platform is open for use by the general Messianic Hebrew Israelite family, and their ministries, this is not the acceptable platform for ANY of the Notorious Black Hebrew Israelite Camps, 1 West Camps, ISUPK, IUIC, or ANY of their various offshoots and spin-offs. Your content will be removed and your account/membership at risk of immediate removal from the platform.