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⚠️⚠️ Next ️ week, PESACH SHENI (the 'Second Passover' will be upon us. Oh, Y0U DIDN'T KNOW??  Pesach Sheni occurs about a MONTH after the first Pesach. It's a day YAH set aside ONLY for those who were UNABLE to partake in the FIRST Pesach, for reasons found in NUM. (BEMIDBAR) 9:9-14, and 2 CHRON. (DIVREI HAYAMIYM SHENIY) 30. Passover is SO IMP0RTANT to Yah that He gives us a "SECOND CHANCE" to honor it 👀...  

"WHY do you mention this, KD", you ask? Because of the ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ He gave and is NOW time to release...  He has REPEATEDLY & URGENTLY warned us to get our "HOUSES" [[I.E. Homes, Families, Spiritual Posture, Priorities, Resource Stewardship, etc... anything that bears "fruit"]] IN ORDER.. A time of SEVEN-F0LD ERADICATI0N and EXTERMINATI0N is being released during this Peaach Sheni, due to REBELLI0N AND HARDNESS OF HEART -- and only the PURELY IGN0RANT [[those with NO knowledge, who've NEVER HEARD OR EXPERIENCED Him]] will be spared! 

"People who are 'here' after SECOND PASS0VER,  & at the end of May, are those who I'll REAP THE BENEFITS OF JUNE. Those who are not are going to be CURSED in June, and forthcoming. Moving forward, you will either BEAR FRUIT, or you will BEAR NOTHING. … He's coming; He is coming SWIFTLY! He’s coming, like a THIEF IN THE NIGHT. He is going to K!LL, DESTR0Y, AND ERADICATE all of whom have come against HIS people - and in His name - and who mock Him & CONTINUOUSLY LAUGH in the face of His KINGD0M children. His KINGD0M children will be UPHELD and shall RISE UP among the Men and shall be made PILLARS, as their enemies DEC0MP0SE into the soil underneath them…"

It will begin a time of VISITATI0N with terrible CONSTERNATIONS ...  our MAN-MADE ID0LS [I.E., 'pedestals' of Jobs, Spouses, Children, Wealth, Self, Traditions, Titles, Allegiances, etc.] will be DETHR0NED or ELIMINATED...  some people you see T0DAY will be SUDDENLY 'no more'.... NO ONE will be able to say, "I didn't know. " **DON'T GET IN THE WAY, OR YOU WILL REAP THEIR FATE!!** ⚠️ ⚠️ ~KD