hardship rental car to get back to work

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Shalom my brothers and sisters. I ran into a slight hardship and im in need of help. Ive been renting a car for my rideshare platform since May 2022 but the rental company left me in a bind n randomly stop doing business with me .They didn’t give me a chance to make more money to rent another vehicle which left me broke and stuck in the house n low on food. I have to move out Friday n I don’t want to be carless n homeless. The rental company said I need $270 up front which is 2 day rental payment and deposit . Also I have to Uber to the place to get the car so that’s $300 I’m not looking for a handout just some genuine assistance. I just need to borrow the funds and I can pay this back in 2 days with no problem if need be. I’ve been going through a lot of spiritual warfare but I’m not giving up . I have a plan of action and a summer job lined up that begins June 20th. This will help me get back on my feet, save money to get my own vehicle ,continue to work on building my credit, further my education and get back into building my brand. I can show proof of paystubs of how hardworking I am and how I’m guaranteed to pay you back if need be . I am a Women of Integrity and just fell on hard times due to stress. Here’s a screenshot of the rental breakdown and my cashapp is $Shibritney . Many blessings unto you all. I have a plan I just have to get out this jam and I pray you all understand.

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