Peace and love beautiful people. To all of you on this platform that are personally connected to me and to those that aren't, I have a message. Keep on keeping on. Do not allow yourself to be crippled or wounded by someone's opinion of you. Some people are harsh because they know how to be no other way, don't take it personally. You know who you are and what you have been called to do, so just do it. I used to be so upset about how upset about how sensitive I was. I used to ask Yah to make me stronger. He has recently shown me that He is the one who fashioned me to be tender. This tenderness helps me empathize with those Yah seeds into my life, to be loved on as He heals them from past hurts and trauma. In the process, people may lash out and say hurtful things because of their own disposition. When this happens, take those wounds to Abba, and you keep on loving and allowing Yah to use you to heal the broken hearted, comfort the wounded, and encourage those that the world is trying to discourage. Keep being you, my love, keep being you.