The Great Physician’s Daughter: Dr. Brianna Nicole, ND

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The following is an interview with fellow Kingdom citizen, Dr. Brianna Nicole, ND.

1. Let’s start at the beginning. How were you first introduced to The Hebrew Bible?

Dr. Brianna: Goodness, I’m not sure where to really start as I’ve always had an interest in learning the etiology or the root of things. Prior to learning who we are and the depth of the Torah, I had a fascination with learning Hebraic words and their meaning so I could better understand the context of scripture. I wasn’t formally introduced to it until meeting an Achoti at event and her inviting me to her family’s weekly Shabbat services.

2. May I ask, what significant event(s) transpired, that catalyzed you to become a Kingdom woman (Loving King Yah, Yahshua Ha’Mashiach the Kingdom Torah)?

Dr. Brianna: I was raised seventh day Adventist so I was already familiar with the Sabbath, the commandments, end times prophesy, eating clean vs unclean foods…so the transition was not hard for me. On the flip side, my father went into a period of his life that I remember when he was heavily interested in Egyptology. I still held strong to my Christian beliefs, however, I did notice I needed to put the puzzle piece of who we were together. I started noticing bout ppl were leaving the church and we’re gravitating to African spirituality and or Egyptology. As I transitioned into naturopathic medical school, my relationship with Abba grew and o noticed He was putting on my heart to figure out why our ppl were leaving Him. I came to the conclusion, we needed our historical identity and a “white man’s religion” wasn’t benefiting us. It wasn’t truly until Covid in 2020 that I started to see my pastor and the church as a whole production and not truly “feeding” us with The Word. I left, but it was a mega church so it wasn’t hard to leave. Soon after attended an event put in by a friend of mine and she had my speak about clinical and spiritual heart disease. One of her vendors came up to me and invited me to Shabbat. We didn’t connect till 2021 but when we did, I had finally knew this was the missing puzzle piece.

3. How did your contemporaries, family and friends react to your new walk as a Torah abiding citizen in Yah’s Kingdom?

Dr. Brianna: My parents have always told me to question everything. As I said, my dad left to church because he questioned a lot of what we had been told. And again, I was raised seventh day Adventist so observing the sabbath was not strange. My family’s main concern was the typical depiction of the Hebrew Israelites, being in a cult and being involved in a polygamous relationship. I just shared with them that I am messianic who still believes in the Holy Spirit (ruach hakodesh). And overtime I believe they see that Abba opened me up to truth , to putting all of the puzzle pieces together for me, to giving me new spiritual eyes to see.

4. What sparked your interest in naturopathy/naturopathic healing?

Dr. Brianna: I’ve always been interested in the human body since I was a little girl. My favorite question is “why?” Again, I was raised seventh day Adventist so the health message was major, therefore that was a huge influence. My mom sold essential oils when I was little so I remember her teaching me about different oils and how they could affect our body’s physiology (she didn’t say physiology lol). It really wasn’t until I truly saw my mom’s parents suffer chronically and eventually die from the complications of type 2 diabetes that I decided I wanted to pursue medicine. In high school my yoga teacher (I wasn’t aware of the depth of that spiritual practice at the time) told me about looking into naturopathic medicine (but Abba will use all things for my good). I decided not to pursue it though once I entered college because I seemed like it wasn’t well known, wasn’t science based, and full of witchcraft. I decided to see a chiropractor and ended up liking it but fast forward to my senior year in college, I chose to take a leap of faith and pursue naturopathic medicine. He had given me an assignment to infiltrate what the kingdom of darkness hijacked, perverted, and gentrified. I began naturopathic medical school in September 2017.

5. In naturopathic medical school how was King Yah ministering to you, specifically in regards to Kingdom Healing?

Dr. Brianna: Whewww, that first year was brutal. I wanted to give up. I had never felt so pressured and so inadequate in my life. Then at some point I just reached a low because I was struggling to maintain my credit load and truly understanding what I was learning. Then Abba Yah (didn’t know His name at the time) just impressed on my heart one day Biblical parables as it related to anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, biochemistry…I was mind blown at His brilliance when He created the human body. Then showing me the natural resources He’s provided us for our healing. He reminded me that man perverts the resource but if Yah calls it good, then it’s good! Nonetheless, He was using me to learn and break down biology into parables for my learning which turned my grades around significantly. It gave me a boldness to minister to people regarding healing because I could teach it. I ended up writing my parables down and Abba said to me in prayer one day, “If I am The Great Physician, you are The Great Physician’s Daughter. Seek Me when you learn the details of the body it’s healing.” I then came up with the pen name, “The Great Physician’s Daughter” and I began posting the parables on social media in February 2019.

6. As The Great Physician’s Daughter, do you plan on having anymore “purpose babies”?

Dr. Brianna: As I always say, my mission is directly from Luke 10:9 “heal the sick and tell them the Kingdom of Yah (God) is near”. If Yah gives me specific assignments, then I’ll follow through. I started with The Great Physician’s Daughter blog, I created my educational ministry called Biblical Biology, and now that I have graduated, I am in the process of building my virtual clinical practice at this time. He’s given me a vision to provide some really amazing wellness services for our people. But I’ve learned that they have to want it. They have to value it. So my educational services must partner daily with His Ruach and teach, give understanding regarding the fundamental principles of the body and health. And coming against those who ignorantly teach healing and any misinformation. I’ve seen our ppl fall for anything when it comes to healing the body. But be on the lookout for my virtual WellCare practice opening soon. I’m sooo excited to serve our people.

7. What words of encouragement would you share with Israelites who feel isolated, lonely, depressed, as a result of following The Way of King Yahweh?

Dr. Brianna: As Abba’s Name phonetically says—Yahweh, He is The Way. Seek first His Kingdom. Discover the purpose He placed in you at conception. He will reveal it to you. When we don’t know our purpose we are easily distracted and get stuck in the facts. The fact is the narrow path is lonely. The fact is the narrow path is terrifying. The fact is the narrow path makes persecution so much more easy noticeable. The facts are the facts and they are valid. But we as Kingdom citizens don’t sit in the facts, because they are subject to change at any given moment. We sit in truth. Abba Yah is The Truth. Never changing. So what He declares over you is unchanging. At the genetic level every single person has 99% the same D.N.A, yet how is there so much variation in the 1%? Genetic expression. You are not victim to your biology and you are not victim to the facts because the blessing is in the minority. The blessing is on the narrow path. The blessing is in the 1%. Lean into that. That empowers you. That is the precursor to taking authority over your life because you are the 1%. Also, when you look at a seed, do you see a seed or a forest? Once you see that seed will produce fruit that will bear seed and produce more fruit bearing plants, you will eventually see a forest. Know your Yah given role purpose, and produce fruit. Soon, your faith and obedience will bring forth Yah’s harvest. His kingdom to earth will be advanced because you moved out of the realm of fact and into purpose. Lastly, our feelings are nothing but biochemical reactions taking place. Our body doesn’t discriminate against the details of our life, it just knows “blank is stressed, I’m going to release stress hormone cortisol”. Our brain perceives the biochemical release as a feeling/emotion. They are powerful because they dictate much of our behavior. But once we learn that feelings are appropriate for a time. Our Messiah experienced a variety of emotions, but the key is to not get stuck there. He gives us a spirit of self-control so lean on Him to get control of your feelings which are actually just chemicals released in the body. Whewww, Abba your strategy and detail in creating the human body is fascinating!

In health shalom, The Great Physician’s Daughter.