Elf On The Shelf, Aint Watching… Neither is Santa, But Best Believe, We Are All Being Watched ? & Judgment is Coming

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It’s time to forsake the ways of pagans, and return to our customs & traditions.

And no, I’m not talking about or concerned with how our mobile devices apps are surveilling us, nor am I talking about how “Big Brother” the nations of the world are keeping tabs on us; I am directly talking about how The Almighty Elohim, YAH our Father in Heaven, He is watching us, and His judgment will come. Before we go any further, take a look at this article (about Elf on the shelf) linked below, most especially these two excerpts before we continue:


“I don’t love that [my son] would feel he is being evaluated every second of every day," mom Taylor Beal tells Yahoo Life. "He doesn't have to perform for us to celebrate the magic of Christmas."

“A key component of the Elf on the Shelf story is that children believe they will get better presents if the elf delivers a good report to Santa. Traci Williams, a board-certified child and family psychologist, says she's concerned that when elves are used to control a child’s behavior, parents engage in empty threats. They often tell their children that if the elf doesn’t deliver a good report Santa won’t bring them gifts, which never happens. Moreover, the elf is only around for a month so parents need to develop other ways to reinforce good behavior the rest of the year, creating inconsistency. Children may even wonder why they need to behave if the elf isn’t watching them.”

Yes indeed, I agree with the mother, and also the child and family psychologist above. It is also a vain, futile, deceptive and dysfunctional tradition to keep for larger reasons which they stated. If parents truly believed in the Bible, like they say they do, they would prepare their children for the day when all of their good and bad will be judged by The King of Kings, not by Santa on Christmas. And the same goes for us all; IF we believe that the Bible is true, then we should live each moment, of each day of our lives, knowing that what we say, think, and do will face righteous judgment, just as Scripture tells us:

“That’s the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God (Elohim) and obey His commands, for this is everyone’s duty. God (Elohim) will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing, whether good or bad.” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 NLT

And we heard the prophecy, directly from The Messiah, our judge Himself:

“Look, I am coming soon, bringing MY reward with me to REPAY all people according to their deeds.” Revelation 22:12 NLT

“Not everyone who calls out to ME, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. On Judgment Day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from ME, you who break God’s laws (YAH’s Torah).’” Matthew 7:21-23 NLT

Q: How will we be judged? 

A: According to how we lived in obedience to YAH’s instruction, which is His Torah.


Our lives are the ultimate open-book test!  Our Elohim in the Shamayim (aka “God in Heaven”), is watching everything that we do or fail to do, and everything is being recorded in the heavenly books! So again, forget about mythical spies, elves on shelves, and santa’s checked-twice list… Real, true, everlasting, righteous judgment is coming!  Just as it was revealed unto John, and as it is recorded for us to read know how it will be in the end, let us understand and tell everyone—our lives are the ultimate open-book-test!

“And I saw a great white throne and The ONE (Messiah, The Judge) sitting on it. The earth and sky fled from His presence, but they found no place to hide. I saw the dead, both great and small, standing before God’s (YAH’s) throne. And the books were opened, including the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to what they had done, as recorded in the books. The sea gave up its dead, and death and the grave gave up their dead. And all were judged according to their deeds. Then death and the grave were thrown into the lake of fire. This lake of fire is the second death. And anyone whose name was not found recorded in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire.” Revelation 20:11-15 NLT

So please, prepare your children, and prepare yourself, for what again? Santa, elves Christmas??? Umm… no!  Prepare for what comes after our short lives end—Judgment!  Let us close out by reading a key verse from a made-for-children Bible translation, so that it’s easily understandable for everyone:

“Everyone must die once. After a person dies, he is judged.” Hebrews 9:27 ICB

Lastly, again, let’s meditate on the last two verses from the wisdom book of Ecclesiastes, also from the children-friendly translation, so that it’s understandable for all:

“Now, everything has been heard. Here is my final advice: Honor God (Elohim) and obey His commands. This is THE most important thing people can do. God (Elohim) knows everything people do, even the things done in secret. He knows all the good and all the bad. He will judge everything people do.” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 ICB

Until next time, shalom ✌?

Duane Harris 1 y

I had to fight this demon even in my own home for a season. My Wife and children were all in on this Elf on the shelf craze. My Wife would enjoy being creative and having the Elf do all kinds of stuff around the house. I was not having it. This was in the early days of transitioning my family off the demonic Chistmas Holidays.