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Returning to MY ROOTs. As a professor and healthcare executive, in addition to being called out and woke, I was also motivated to start urban gardening by committing Acts of Commission.

Part of Healty=Wealthy is to advocate and promote Yisharel to return back to basics regardless of your current residence. The shift requires being called and your obedience. While we aware of the record # of farms being seized by the government globally, there is still some control on the local, community or home patio front to start something. My 1st harvest of red skin potatoes is a testament that when Ahayah is in control, all things are possible. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the GOD of impossibilities (uke 1:37-With God nothing shall be impossible). So, it's with a GOD mindset, that I proceeded to grow something. I first started with the herbs like mint, cliantro, thyme, then moved to tomatoes and peppers, then eventually eggplant, now my first harvest of potatoes.

I encourage you to get your hands dirty, regardless of where you are despite what they say about the fertilizer, rain water, seeds. So, how do you begin?  The first step:

#1-be an intentional and inquisitive novice gardener.

#2-Set your goals. You can start indoor, outdoor or both. The reality-there is always something to grow, test, change, repeat, improve upon. 

#3 Commit Acts of Commission (trial and error). Start taking notes (mental or physical) about what you see daily.

#4-purchase your organic seeds from your local farmer, home depot or even shopping market

#5-purchase gardening supplies (currently on sale) if you do not have supplies. This may include but not limited to: fertilizer, gardening pots, seeds, watering can, gardening tools etc.

#6-educate yourself and become a research practitioner if needed. For example, plants must be watered daily. In the extreme heat, I now learn that requires 6-7am watering (unless rain is anticipated) and/or 8pm watering. You must check in and every plant is different.

#7-do not automatically uproot every wild plant unless you know what they are. Good example is dandelions.  I found, 4 patches of dandelions in my narrow back yard.  At this point we know, dandelions offer huge medicinal benefits.  I simply pick them, soak them overnight to lift the dirt, wash them in filtered water prior to consuming them. You can eat the leaves like kale, the flower you can boil as tea or roast.  

While the above list is not exhaustive, it's a good start for a newbie like me. Gardening including placing your hand and feet in soil is not only therapeutic, it is empowering.  Overall, gardening is included in the Healthy=Wealthy because we are what we eat. Gardening begins to give you back the power of what you consume from your backyard to your dinner table. 

Happy growing

Sis CeeCee