Vagrancy The So Called Crime of Homelessness

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A lesson in U.S history for our youth.

In the United States in 1866 after our people were supposed to be freed of slavery, they were put out of their captures homes with no money, food, shelter or work. The wicked among us decided to outlaw homelessness calling it Vagrancy. This law came about because after our people had been freed, the real "lazy" one, wanted to force our people into still working for them for free. So they came up with this law because they knew our people had no jobs or anywhere to really go after being enslaved for 400 years. They also didn't have any laws or rules on their side to protect them from these awful people and their wicked decisions. 


You may ask why but the answer lies in the bible in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28. Our people refused to keep the laws that protected us from the wicked and kept us safe from harm. We hated the rules that made us free. So we were punished by being sent to people who didn't love our Father or His rules either. Saying that men being found sitting around with nothing to do where lazy, criminals, or thinking of being criminals, and needed to be punished by forcing them to work. 


Now understand that slavery had been outlawed by the British because it made them look bad to the rest of the world. (The British actually owns "America". )


So once more our people where put into chains and forced to be slaves, the only difference was the white man could lie now and call us prisoners. 


The white man would just grab us and throw us in their courts and lie ? and say we were vagrant. Since it was against the law to disagree with a white man or speak out against him in those days we weren't allowed to speak or defend ourselves at all, they only took us to the courthouse because this was their way of making it all look like they were doing things the right way. But many of the people they took and charged with this false crime where not even homeless! They were just finding us walking from one place to another and lie on us. Sometimes they'd break into our homes and steal us and lie and say they found us being Vagrant so they could steal the things out of our homes and even take our homes away and lie and say they were abandoned houses after locking us away. 


This was not just being done to grown ups but also little children. Small children where again locked in chains with heavy metal balls on them so they couldnt escape and made to work on railroads, in white peoples businesses and as pets for their children. The story gets worse and worse.  


There was no time limit for this punishment and people could be locked away for many years for simply being homeless or just walking home from church. This matters because today Vagrancy is still illegal in many places and more and more places are making it illegal to be homeless. Now, you can no longer put a ball and chain on someone and lie about who they are and where you found them. But they do still lie about what people where doing when they were found saying things like they saw a homeless person stealing, or looking suspicious for being in a neighborhood they don't live in. Even though this wickedness is being pushed on innocent people of many nations living here in the U.S.


The people that are being Is there a solution to this issue? How will we keep ourselves safe from once more returning to this injustice?