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Dedicated to using YAH's garden to return to our healthiest life yet. Join Healthy-Wealthy on its journey to understanding your spiritual and physical health is your wealth.Sirach

A love message to Israel

Shalawam Israel and Welcome to Healthy=Wealthy.


Healthy=Wealthy is the name of a collaboration between my company Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC and a community initiative.  Healthy=Wealthy is a blog dedicated to promoting a healthier, stronger Israel.  I am passionate about understanding and promoting the use of Yah's garden to promote the understanding that "Your Health is your Wealth." What we consume makes a difference. In an era of prophecied famine, growing our own food regardless of how small is a great start. Deciding on which foods to grow may vary depending on your location.  In addition; understanding how to combine ingredients for the most potent results makes a difference.

So Israel, join me on my journey of exploring the art of horticulture. Horticulture is the art of cultivating foods to produce as well as for medicinal purposes.  In pursuit of my passion, I created my first antimicrobial ingredient to "Rid D Tickle", that is G.R.I.D.  See a brief G.R.I.D promo video below that takes you to my website collaboration page.

I hope G.R.I.D can be purchased from this site or email your order at 

I look forward to your participation on my journey. At the end of every post, I will askquestions for  the novice and experts alike, so we can interact. First question is: what home remedy did you combine to combat CoVID? Please be sure to leave your comments below. 


Todah rabah for your interest and as always, Shalom!

Sis CeeCee