A True Hebrew’s Hair Care Mixes

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This is hair care for men, women, and children in the Hebrew nation.

Shalom to my achoti and achi in the hair care struggle. In the past year I have found many videos on social media promoting natural hair care. Many of these videos, for the most part, only show how they themselves take care of their hair by using store bought products. As a result, with social media algorithms pretty much based on ads and selling product, it pushes the availability of videos that prove that we do not need store bought products. We also do not need to relax, perm, straighten, or damage our crowns to be accepted by the powers that be.  And I understand that this will make ‘the strangers’ scared and upset because we’re woke now but we need to do what is best for us from now on.

We can start a REAL revolution of breaking away from the oppressor’s stronghold by creating our own hair care products with basic seeds and essential oils. The key to doing this is to add Aloe Vera to all your homemade hair care products. I say use Aloe Vera because it is the ‘cure all’ for all Hebrew hair types. If you want to grow your hair or keep it moisturized and healthy without having to worry about it more than once a week then try the following mixes below for different uses.


Butter Mixes and Types

  1. Mango Butter Mix for conditioning, moisture during protective styling, and hair nutrition for growth

Step 1: Aloe Vera (from an aloe leaf or you can use aloe juice or oil)

Step 2: Fenugreek oil (or powder but you choose powder then sift twice or melt)

Step 3: Raw Mango Butter in a bowl with Olive oil and Coconut oil and mix until melted

Step 4: Moringa powder 2 tbsp (make sure this is melted or sifted twice  before adding it to the butter)

Step 5: Blend the rest of the oils with the butter (adding a preservative is optional but not necessary) – apply to the hair from the ends up the hair shaft and style how you want and store the rest in a glass jar

  1. Shea Butter Mix for conditioning, protective styling, moisture, and nutrition for growth

Step1. Whip to melt the raw shea butter

Step2. Add Olive oil, Coconut or Lavender oil, and Rosemary oil

Step3. Add Fenugreek powder – 2 tbsp

Step4. Add Moringa powder – 2 tbsp

Step5. Sift the oils and powders after whisking to blend (it is best to do this twice to make sure none of the powder gets in the mix or you will have to melt in the microwave which is not advisable)

Step6. Blend the oils with the shea butter (add option preservative) place it in a sandwich bag or just simply place in a glass jar for storage. Apply and style as needed.

  1. Cocoa Butter Mix for conditioning, protective styling, moisture, and nutrition for growth

Step1. Whip to melt raw cocoa butter

Step2. Pour Olive or Avocado oil along with Rosemary oil in a glass bowl

Step3. Add 2 tbsp of Fenugreek and Moringa powder in the glass bowl

Step4. Add Aloe Vera gel from the leaf or add juice/oil in the bowl and whisk

Step5. Always sift the oil twice before adding to the butter

Step6. Add the oils to the cocoa butter and mix for 5 minutes then pour in a glass jar for storage (adding a preservative is optional) and/or style as needed

I found this to be a great source for stronger, healthier, longer hair that stays moisturized longer without having to fuss over it so often. This same hair care regimen can also be applied to my achi growing dreads or wearing cornrows. I have more hair care tips for coming for my Hebrew community coming soon. Shalom.

 **A little disclaimer to add...our hair is NOT NAPPY! Those who claim it to be are simply ignorant.













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