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The GENTILES DON'T KNOW that they are actually ushering in our return home!!! OUR KING IS COMING!! HalleluYah!🦁💜🌿

Every Knee will bow & every tongue will confess!!! They are doing it and don't even realize it.

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This song is for our people! HalleluYah! It has gone viral all over the world! MILLIONS of people viewing and dancing! EVEN THE GENTILES! Who don't know that they are actually ushering in our KING's return to take us home!! HalleluYah!! Scripture says that EVERY KNEE WILL BOW & EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS!!! They are doing it and don't even realize it!!! You cannot help but to REJOICE SING DANCE & PRAISE THE MOST HIGH!

Encourage you to learn the words of this song and even the dance as it is meant for our people! KING DAVID danced with all Praises to THE MOST HIGH ! Yahusha is coming soon to take us home!!! If you don't know... It is not a time for FEAR & DEPRESSION. But time to REJOICE & PRAISE HIM!! HALLELUYAH!

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Shalom Family!🦁🌿
Our ONLY Salvation Is YAH!

Special Shout Out & Appreciation to The Most High for our Elder and Anointed Achoti Myra Waiters and her teaching ministry. You will be enriched, enlightened and ENCOURAGED in your spiritual growth.

Shalawam ✊🏾


Another great video by Timothy Stevens! In this video he highlights Eugenicists Targeting “Black” Children With COVID-19 Vaccine Propaganda!

Please be sure to visit his channel on HebrewConnectTV and leave him a comment. If you have a account, all you have to to is login with your current account!

Eugenicists Targeting “Black” Children With Vaccine Propaganda

Eugenicists Targeting “Black” Children With Vaccine Propaganda

Brief History of racist Eugenecists targeting the Black or so called African American Communities through Planned Parenthood and Vaccination programs. The Latest stunt a video using Black&qu
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Check out music albums & singles!
Thanks ya'll for your support in advanced!!

Music | Salzion Yasharahl

Music | Salzion Yasharahl

Salzion Yasharahl. . Inherit the promise of our ancient ancestors. The Kingdom will be restored after the 2nd coming
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-Mrs. Harris
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Any Hebrews in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?